TenMarks.com: Free Online Math Software

Article by Jenni Stadtmiller, CUES Consultant
When I was teaching fourth grade math, I wanted my homework to provide me with loads of data while not giving me loads of work to gather the data! With 90+ students, grading standards-based homework nightly to gather great data on my students would have added several extra hours of work to my schedule, so I need to come up with a better idea. Enter TenMarks, which offers free online math software.

TenMarks (an Amazon company) is a website for math teachers for grades 1-12. Teachers set up a free account and add their students to classes. Here usernames and passwords are automatically generated, or teachers can choose to go in and change them to mirror their school computer logins. Next teachers can print their logins for parents/guardians so student progress can be checked at home.

Once logged in on the teacher side, the teacher will set a ten question assignment for the students based on grade level math standards. These assignments can be given to a whole class or individual students. When the students log in, they will access their assignments and each question will give the student a video and three hints the student can use to help them answer the question accurately.

After students complete their assignments, the teacher can access reports that give the overall score, tell how many videos were watched and hints were used, how long the students spent on their questions, and the top three misconceptions from the questions students missed.

And all of the above is free! TenMarks also includes free fluency practice and games that are unlocked as students complete assignments. If you decide to try the paid version, paying per student, you can access diagnostic tests, interactive lessons, one-click differentiation and personalized assignments. However, for me, free pieces gave me a ton of information I used for making small groups, re-teaching, stations, and having parent-conferences and data-meeting discussions.

TenMarks works on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPods, other tablets and cellphones. I used it as homework, with some of my students working on it before and after school due to a lack of devices. However, TenMarks also works perfectly as a station or with a whole class after lunch!

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