New Favorite Tech: ThingLink

Photo courtesy of here.

We live in an age where there is no shortage of online tech for teachers to use in their classrooms – but, sometimes, I stumble across something that strikes me as truly remarkable. Enter ThingLink.

Launched in 2010 (how did it take me 6 years to find this?), ThingLink allows users to create interactive images. Here’s how it works: upload an image, and then use the intuitive interface to drop points on the image where you can add a link, or text, or both. (The paid version offers more feature, but the free interface seems like a great resource for teachers.)

What could you do with it? Annotate historical photographs, scientific processes, maps, star charts, solved math problems, original artwork – pretty much anything.

Here is a pretty straightforward sample highlighting Earth’s layers:

This sample is a bit more interactive – with hotspots featuring text, resources, videos, etc.:

I think this is a great resource, for both teachers and students. You can actually create classrooms, accounts for students, and even organize students into groups. Read more about that here. You can use ThingLink as a platform for student collaboration.

This last point is what I like about this resource the most. I like finding new ways for students to collaborate on product-oriented activities, and this is a great item to add to your repository.

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