Free Grant Database!

Demco, a company that sells products for schools and libraries, hosts this free interface for finding grants. It can be hard to find free resources for locating grants to benefit a classroom or a school, so this service is a real benefit! If you have some ideas for your school, but no money to implement your ideas, maybe this database can provide a solution.

One of my personal areas of interest is literacy. I’ve worked with a handful of area schools to develop an intervention course for behind-grade-level readers. My goal, through collaborating with districts, is to build an affordable program that can sustain itself without costly annual subscription fees. As successful as these programs have been, we’ve had many conversations about things we’d do had we access to additional funds. I quickly found this grant for youth literacy from Dollar General. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for the next round of applications.

Naturally, there is no guarantee we’ll get a grant – but isn’t it worth a shot? I think so, especially with access to a free database as provided by Demco. Just enter your email, your state, some search terms, and the site will present tons of opportunities for your consideration.

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