Ohio’s Revised Learning Standards – Resources and Strategies

Ohio’s Department of Education (ODE) recently announced its new “Learning in Ohio” webpage. In addition to the revised standards, ODE also provides other resources and strategies that can be useful to classroom teachers. This item summarizes some of our favorites for ELA.

ELA: Resources

ODE has established some resources through a website called PearlTrees: you can click here for the ELA site.

From the “Literature” PearlTrees page, I found this tile about ReadAnyBook.com. There are lots of contemporary titles that can be accessed here, for free!

Following a similar click-path described above, I found this list of strategies for adolescent literacy. I also found this resource for interventions in both ELA and math.

Finally, I have always found student writing samples to be incredibly helpful.

ELA: Strategies

The new model curriculum also embeds specific strategies for instruction. For example, in the 9-10 model curriculum, under the standard for “Key Ideas and Details” (p.2 of the link above), ODE explains how to use tri-fold bookmarks, the “It Says, I Say” chart, and the SOAPSTONE technique.

For “Craft and Structure” (p. 5 of the link above), ODE explores the “Post-It Plot,” TP-CASTT, and idioms.

If nothing else, the model curriculum documents can be a great place to farm for instructional strategies aligned to specific standards.

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