“Math Chat” – Free Graphic Organizer

I recently collaborated with some math teachers, and we reviewed a couple of Marzano’s strategies, specifically the notion of “probing incorrect answers by low expectancy students.” (See “Design Question 9” at this link.) The more we talked, the more we wanted to get students analyzing worked problems, and then articulating how they concluded whether the solved problems were correct or incorrect. That’s when we had an idea: Math Chat!

Our “Math Chat” graphic organizer is designed to promote reasoning-based interaction between students. At the top, we have a blank area where students can copy any problem. On the left, “Student #1” attempts to solve the problem, and then papers get traded with other students. When “Student #2” receives a paper, s/he solves the problem, and then uses the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning sentence starters to explain whether the solution is correct or incorrect, and why.

The teachers who used this reported positive results, so we’re sharing as a free resource for you to download. Check out Math Chat, and let us know what you think!

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