We partner with schools and districts to lead the transformation of education so each child can learn more… do more… be more. We seek to be the preferred partner for urban schools. We partner to work on innovative solutions to your most pressing challenges.

Through strategic partnerships, we build bridges between federal and state agendas and our clients by delivering value-driven solutions.

We attract talented professionals and cultivate exceptional knowledge and expertise. We leverage these competitive advantages to produce customer value. We are agile and fast to respond to our rapidly changing context.

Core Values

At CUES, we assist you in efficiently aligning resources to face the challenges of urban education. The work can seem daunting, and it requires all involved in the process to be aligned to a common mission and vision.

We understand the barriers present in an urban educational setting, and we have solutions to encourage, support, and inspire meaningful school improvement. We have experience in this field, and our experience as implementation experts can help you accelerate student achievement. Read more about Accelerate Action: “The Now Plan” here.

We want you to be encouraged, supported, and ready to learn from the experiences we’ve had. We’re here to solve your challenges and simplify your life. Please contact us today.


Paul E. Smith, EdS
Director, CUES

Paul has served in many capacities in his three decades in urban education – as middle school teacher, principal, federal programs director, district mathematics director, Title I coach, and technology consultant. He has participated in many fellowships and conference presentations, and he is a Presidential Awardee for Mathematics Excellence. Presently, Paul serves as the Center Director of Urban Educational Services in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Anne Allen, MEd
Anne has been involved with education her whole life. She enjoys working with students of all ages, Kindergarten through Post-Secondary, and has a special passion for the work of urban schools. She is currently pursuing her second Master’s degree in Education. She is a Reading Specialist, English Language Arts teacher, and an Instructional Coach.

Chris Anderson, MA
Chris Anderson began his career in 2008 at Princeton High School teaching physical science and biology. Beginning in 2013, he served as a program coordinator for corporate work study program at DePaul Cristo Rey High School. Since 2016, Chris has been a science instructional coach.

Sandra Bauman, MEd
Sandra worked as a school administrator for 20 years. She has also served for one year as a Special Education Director. With CUES, she has worked for four years as an Instructional Coach, for one year as a Supervisor, and for one year with the SST support team.

Lori Cargile, MA
Lori has served in urban high needs schools as a middle school mathematics teacher, consulting teacher, and assistant principal for more than two decades. She has also taught pre-service teachers and graduate courses at the University of Cincinnati. She is currently completing her doctoral studies in curriculum and instruction.

John Coburn, MEd
John spent eleven years as an account representative and an account manager for a Fortune 500 company, but he felt a calling for education. He served for four years as a high school teacher, including two years in Puerto Rico. He has also served for five years as an assistant principal in both a middle school and a high school, and for seven years as a principal at an elementary school.

Sharon Cooley, MEd
Sharon has been a literacy consultant since 2008. She has served as a Reading Specialist K-12, an Elementary Teacher, an OTES Teacher Evaluator, an RESA ODE Assessor, a Reading Recovery Teacher, a FIP Facilitator, an eReads Learning Facilitator, a Marzano Course Facilitator, a Walkthrough Trainer, a DIBELS NEXT Facilitator, and she is also SIM/CLC Trained.

Dora Daniels, MA
Dora Daniels has spent the last 13 years in West Clermont School district teaching 6-8 grade Math. She has served on various leadership teams. She has also worked with the math department to create and implement unit plans and assessments. She has started her instructional coach work in 2016.

Maria Veronica Diaz, MEd
Veronica brings 32 years of experience from kindergarten through 7th grade, with her most current focus in the area of mathematics and data driven instruction. She has served as a mentor and has presented at building, district, and university level settings. She started work as an instructional coach in 2015.

Jennifer Flannigan, MEd
Jennifer is a School Improvement Consultant serving both urban and suburban school districts over the course of her tenure at Hamilton County ESC. She earned her B.S. in Education from Ohio University, and her M.Ed. in Literacy from University of Cincinnati. With 20+ years in education, Jennifer is a leader in the area of literacy. Her mission is to support teachers in the demands of teaching in today’s classroom through professional development and instructional coaching. Her passion is to help teachers transform their classrooms one lesson at a time.

Diana Gregory, MA
Diana has been an educator for over 38 years. She joined CUES as a School Improvement Consultant in 2014. She works closely with district leaders, principals, and teachers to improve the quality of instruction through professional development, model teaching, data analysis, and coaching.

Pamela Young-Groach, MEd
Pam left classroom teaching in 2002 to begin her service as a Curriculum Specialist/Literacy Specialist in urban education. She enjoys collaborating with diverse faculties to educate teachers on best practices. She has experience in various leadership capacities, having served as summer school administrator and extended day supervisor. Pam has taught at the college level and provided professional development at local, state, and national conferences.

Jason Haap, MA, MEd
Jason has been in education since 1997, teaching high school English at parochial, charter, and public schools. In 2003, he earned a Master’s degree in English Literature through Middlebury College, and in 2011, he started his second Master’s degree through the University of Cincinnati while working as a school improvement coach for CUES. He is now a licensed administrator whose consulting experience includes literacy across the curriculum, problem/project-based learning, and systems change.

Kelly Herges, MEd
Kelly joined CUES in August 2012 as a School Improvement Consultant. Prior to joining CUES, Kelly taught in Athens, Ohio for 22 years. While teaching, Kelly held various leadership positions which included serving as English department chair, serving on the Principal’s Advisory Committee, and supervising, developing, and evaluating undergraduate and graduate students through mentorship with Ohio University education department.

Kathy Jones, MA
For the past 20 years, Kathy has served as an educator in large urban districts. She began as a high school math teacher, spent four years in elementary and middle school administrative positions, served eight years as a district math coordinator, and she has coached teachers in mathematics since 2014.

Gale Jorgensen, MA, MEd
Gale has been an educator for more than 23 years, currently serving as an Instructional Consultant/Coach for literacy and mathematics. She provides professional development and assists educators with implementing standards, with using formative and summative assessments, with curriculum alignment, with data-driven decision making, and with planning effective instructional strategies.

Melissa Kincaid, MEd
Melissa has been an educator since 2003. Her classroom experience ranges from 5th grade to 8th Grade Algebra 1. In addition to classroom teaching, Melissa is also an Adjunct Professor for Miami University’s Department of Teacher Education.

Jessica Lane
Jessica taught math in an urban high school in Chicago for five years before returning to Cincinnati. In Chicago, she was part of the leadership team, head of the math department, and coached her peers, both new and experienced. Upon her return to Cincinnati in 2018, she has began working for CUES as an instructional coach for math teachers. Jessica is passionate about using technology to enhance learning and implementing restorative practices.

Karen Lemkuhl, MEd
Karen works in the Center for Urban Educational Services and the State Support Team, Region 13. She supervises Instructional Coaches and Native Language Support personnel. Karen holds an Administrative Specialist License in Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development, a Principal License and a TESOL endorsement.

Greg Lynch, MA
Greg grew up in New Jersey, and moved to Cincinnati in 2005. He has worked in a variety of roles including as a high school social studies teacher and as a preschool handicapped teacher. Greg has worked for CUES since 2014 as a School Improvement Coach in Social Studies.

Jessica Magee, MEd
Jessica taught mathematics for nine years at an urban high school. During this time, she obtained grants, wrote curricula, and implemented a flipped classroom. She started as an instructional coach for CUES in 2015.

Tammy Metcalf, MEd, MSE
Tammy has over twenty years of experience in English education, as well as experience teaching both English and Career Tech licensure courses at the post-secondary level. She has also conducted numerous local, state, and national level professional development sessions.

Andy Phillips, MA
Andy has served in education for 13 years as an ESL Teacher, School Counselor, and a World Language Teacher. He sees himself as a language and cultural ambassador for the students he represents, and he is passionate about helping educators understand and engage with the diverse backgrounds of their students. In his free time, Andy enjoys traveling with his family, and has visited over 15 international destinations.

Richard Pridemore, MEd
Richard was a technology education teacher for 15 years, and he served as Department Chair for four years. He has served as an Assistant Principal for two years, as a Satellite Supervisor for Career Technical Programs for nine years, as Assistant Director of Curriculum and Assessment in Career Technical for one year, and as Director of Career Technical Programs for three years. He joined CUES in 2015.

Connie Reyes-Rau, MEd
Connie is the Title III Coordinator for HCESC and provides technical support and professional development to over 30 districts. She is the supervisor of ESL services and coaches teachers in a large urban setting. She also practiced school psychology and special education. She has a specialty in cross cultural education, family systems, assessment and English Language Learners.

Dorothy Reynolds, EdD
Dorothy is an elementary educator. She has over 20 years of teaching experience in various capacities and has taught first through six grades. Throughout her career, Dr. Reynolds has served as a lead teacher, coach, consulting teacher, teacher evaluator and district-wide mentor. She obtained her National Board Certification in the area of Early Childhood Generalists in 2003. Dr. Reynolds served as a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards trainer for teachers in Miami, Florida and San Antonio, Texas. She is a retired, 23-year United States Naval Reserve veteran. Currently, Dr. Reynolds is a School Improvement Coach for CUES. She resides in Maineville, Ohio.

Natasha Rivers, MEd, EdS
Natasha has served in many capacities in her decade and a half in urban education – as a middle and high school English teacher, Department Head, RESA District Coordinator, Early College Coordinator, Ohio Improvement Process Quick Guide Creation Team member, and Interim Curriculum Supervisor. She has participated in many conference presentations on School Turnaround work she was a part of, and she was the Trotwood-Madison High School Teacher of the Year for 2018. She has completed extensive work in School Turaround at Harvard Graduate School with a focus on urban education. Presently, Natasha works as a School Turnaround Consultant.

Christy Roy, MEd
Christy began her career in education in 2005 at Lebanon High School. After a decade in the classroom, Christy moved to the private sector, working as a college counselor and online writing coach. Since 2016, Christy has been teaching for the University of California Los Angeles Extension Program as an instructor in the College Counseling Certification Program.

Elizabeth Sewell, MEd
Elizabeth has over 18 years experience teaching mathematics in grades 3 – 7. She taught in the classroom and in the virtual classroom. Elizabeth began her career as an instructional coach in 2014.

Emily Schwegman, MEd
Emily began her career in education in 2007 at Colerain High school where she helped design and implement their credit recovery program. She worked to grow the resources for credit deficient students for four years with Northwest Local Schools. In 2011, Emily finished the Masters program at Miami University in School Leadership and also began a new position at the Springer School and Center as the 7th and 8th grade math teacher. Emily also has experience in several teaching and leadership roles with online virtual education. She joined HCESC in 2018 as an instructional coach. Her goal as a leader is to empower teachers to realize their potential and live up to their calling, which in turn, translates into the classroom where every day they can inspire students and build life-long learners

Dave Traubert, MEd
After entering education as a second career, Dave taught high school social studies for 15 years. For 9 years he served as department facilitator. Starting in 2015 as a School Improvement Coach, he says he is excited to work with schools and teachers in this new role.

Christy Vacchio, MEd
Christy has been in the education field since 1993, starting as an instructional assistant while putting herself through school. Her professional career started in 1997 and has ranged from teaching all subjects in elementary classrooms, to being a departmentalized teacher in 5th grade, to being a Science Specialist in a K-6 Science Lab. Her career has also spanned over five states: Mississippi, North Carolina, Colorado, Washington and now Ohio. She is excited to bring her passion for Science to a new generation of teachers in Cincinnati.

Christopher Walters, BA
Christopher describes himself as a committed lifelong learner with a varied background, including theatrical set designer, business quality consultant, and educator of gifted and special education students. He started working for CUES as a high school ELA instructional coach in 2014.

Mary Williams, MEd
Mary has been an educator since 2003. She has attained National Board Certification, an English for Speakers of Other Languages Endorsement, a graduate degree in Educational Leadership, and her Principal Certification. As a school improvement coach, her goal is to help teachers and school leaders to become more effective at providing an exceptional educational experience for their students.

Liz Wolf, MEd
Liz has been in elementary urban education since 2006. She taught self contained for eight years. Liz also coordinated professional development for a large urban district in the South before joining our CUES team as an educational consultant in 2016. She is passionate about elementary education, student choice and equal opportunities for all students.

Jaclyn Wolff, MA, MEd
Jaclyn has over 10 years of experience working in urban education as a teacher, assistant principal, and school improvement consultant at the elementary and middle school levels. Driven by a passion for ensuring that all children have an excellent education and for building teacher capacity, she has strengths in data analysis, curriculum design, coaching teachers, and creating and facilitating professional learning. Jaclyn earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Dominican University, a Master of Education degree in School Leadership from Harvard University, and her principal certification.