C.A.S.E. (Collaborating to Achieve Student Excellence) is a system we’ve developed for partnering with you to solve your challenges. When we first meet to make a CASE, we look at six key areas:

  1. Data Collection & Review
  2. Implementation Plan
  3. Building Knowledge
  4. Accountability
  5. Support
  6. Evaluation

Read more about how our implementation plan can work. Schedule a meeting today, and let us make a CASE. We’re ready to help.

Paul Smith,
Paul Smith


Recent CASE-file:

When a large urban school came to us with concerns about both declining student performance and the overall culture of the building (including teacher perceptions of and reactions to student behavior and performance), we used our CASE protocols to develop a comprehensive plan for transforming school culture. We built our plan centered on three pillars: Student Motivation and Engagement, Classroom Management, and Differentiated Instruction.

Our consultants facilitated a comprehensive strategic planning process with a collection of teacher leaders, and we developed three concrete goals with specific action steps. These steps radically redefined how this school does business.

We worked alongside teacher leaders to develop a calendar of professional development with embedded follow up to ensure effective and seamless implementation of new ideas. As a partner vested in this school’s success, we will continue to provide support in the way of professional development, periodic embedded coaching, as well as data collection and management.