Reflective Teaching

Article by Christy Vacchio

In order to be an effective teacher, one must use the mirror to see what was learned, and develop a plan to improve instruction. In the beginning of my teaching career, I would often get frustrated at students’ misconceptions and my lack of effectiveness during lessons. Classroom management was not my strength, but I had a strong foundation in content knowledge. It wasn’t until I worked in retail management for a few years, that I learned how to actually become a better teacher.
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Avoid the winter burn-out!

Article by Katie Currens

Being a teacher is stressful, and this is the time of year when many of us experience the most stress: short days and long nights moving into February tend to make us feel down. I know all too well the exhaustion of being in a classroom. When I was a teacher, my instructional coach helped me manage my day to day stresses through organizational strategies and modifying my instructional practices. Now that I have stepped into a coaching role, I have a new perspective on this all-too-familiar fatigue. As teachers, we have teams and colleagues that understand the stress we deal with, but how can we find a balance to help us manage our stress? What do we do if we’ve tried adjusting our classroom practices yet still feel “burned out”?
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Instructional Coaching and School Leadership

CUES-cast, S2, E1: In this episode, we talk with Sean Lewis, a former instructional coach with CUES who has moved on to become a school administrator. We explore how instructional coaching helps build school leadership, and the relationship between discipline and instruction in the classroom.

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