I’ve Collected Data. Now What?

Article by Katie Currens
By the end of the year it is not uncommon to see files no longer in drawers, but resting on desks and cabinets throughout a classroom. It’s not because educators have become lazy. Rather, they’ve collected so much data and evidence of student growth that they can no longer fit all the files in their respective places. As the school year ends there is often a debate of “what’s next?” What should one do with all this data now that the student has completed this year?
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Ohio’s Growing Achievement Gap between Rich and Poor Districts

The Ohio Education Policy Institute recently reviewed state report card data, and found that “there is a more than 23-point gap between the average four-year graduation rate in districts with fewer than 10 percent economically disadvantaged students and districts with greater than 90 percent economically disadvantaged students.” For some, this may not come as a surprise, but in the least this is an opportunity to engage public discourse around how we address poverty in our schools – not just in Ohio, but everywhere.
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