“Math Chat” – Free Graphic Organizer

I recently collaborated with some math teachers, and we reviewed a couple of Marzano’s strategies, specifically the notion of “probing incorrect answers by low expectancy students.” (See “Design Question 9” at this link.) The more we talked, the more we wanted to get students analyzing worked problems, and then articulating how they concluded whether the solved problems were correct or incorrect. That’s when we had an idea: Math Chat!
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Relational Understanding in Mathematics

Article by Gale Jorgensen, Educational Consultant

Recently, I explored a pre-recorded webinar, sponsored by the Global Math Department, entitled “How do they relate? Teaching students to make mathematical connections,” by Tracy Zagar. She expressed concern over how some students don’t see the connectedness of the mathematics discipline, explaining that teachers need to help their students explore relational thinking, a habit of mind mathematicians need.
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TenMarks.com: Free Online Math Software

Article by Jenni Stadtmiller, CUES Consultant
When I was teaching fourth grade math, I wanted my homework to provide me with loads of data while not giving me loads of work to gather the data! With 90+ students, grading standards-based homework nightly to gather great data on my students would have added several extra hours of work to my schedule, so I need to come up with a better idea. Enter TenMarks, which offers free online math software.
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Review: CK12.org for Math and Science

If you haven’t clicked on CK12.org for Math or Science content, do yourself a favor and bookmark the site immediately. Accounts are free, and the available content is high quality and dynamic. For me, the beauty of CK12.org happens after I click on a content area and look at the list of available topics. Check out, for example, this link for CK12’s Algebra offerings. The sheer volume of topics from which to choose is quite impressive.
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