Understanding Trauma – OLAC Webinars

CUES consultant Jason Haap recently co-created a webinar with HCESC’s Kathy Kettle titled “Understanding Trauma,” and the two part series is now avaiable at the website for Ohio Leadership Advisory Council! Click here for Part 1, and click here for Part 2.

Making Coaching Part of Your DNA

Our very own Paul Smith recently authored an item for ASCD. Check out this link to read about how to make instructional coaching part of your professional DNA!

Teacher Wellness Series – Part 3: Spring has Sprung!

Article by Tammy Metcalf

It takes only two words to make almost every educator happy: Spring Break. By the time we’ve made it to spring break, most of us have convinced ourselves that we can indeed make it to the end of the year. There’s light at the end of the tunnel and we’re relatively certain that light’s not attached to a train!
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Reflective Teaching

Article by Christy Vacchio

In order to be an effective teacher, one must use the mirror to see what was learned, and develop a plan to improve instruction. In the beginning of my teaching career, I would often get frustrated at students’ misconceptions and my lack of effectiveness during lessons. Classroom management was not my strength, but I had a strong foundation in content knowledge. It wasn’t until I worked in retail management for a few years, that I learned how to actually become a better teacher.
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Prioritizing Your Teaching Life (Part 4) – Parent Communication

Article by Christy Vacchio

Parent Communication
An integral part of teaching students is consistent communication with parents. In the perfect world, a teacher would have parent volunteers and support for everything they are trying to teach. But we don’t live in the 1950’s any more. In most households, both parents work jobs so fitting in time to get in touch with them can seem daunting.
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