Blended Learning Basics

Article by Lori Cargile

The term blended learning is frequently used in education circles. It’s often used to describe the sudden influx and use of instructional technology, but what is it really?
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Prioritize Your Teaching Life

Article by Dora Daniels

How many times have you walked into your classroom and looked at your desk and felt overwhelmed with all the papers you have to grade? Or sat down at your computer to read email and then discovered another thing that you have to complete before the end of the day? How did you feel? Probably like we all do. You mostly thought this will never get done unless I am here for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Teacher Wellness Series – Part 2: Welcome to Winter Break!

Article by Tammy Metcalf
Welcome to Winter Break! In the first blog about teacher wellness, I introduced the phrase allostatic load and challenged you to create your own Teacher Self Appreciation Plan. So, first things first: how are you?
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Standards Based Grading

Article by Mike Ross

Ask any teacher, administrator, or parent about standards-based grading and you will likely get as many different responses as the number of people you ask. For some reason, standards based grading has a negative connotation. This could result from misguided attempts to implement this in a building or simply because some think standards-based grading can’t fit in a classroom already “crowded” with class discussions, cooperative learning, project based learning, or whatever the school’s new initiative is. Fortunately, this is not true. Standards based grading has a place in any classroom and can actually make the life of an educator much less stressful.
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Consistency When Implementing Change

Article by Katie Currens

When it comes time to implement change, more times than not it is met with great trepidation, sometimes even downright displeasure. So why is that? What has happened that causes us to bristle at the idea of change? Let’s explore the reasons and how we can change that feeling!
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